Rules & Regulations

Sellers must:

  1. Not sell any prepared food, soda, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, guns, air pistols, spray paint, weapons, flammables or combustibles.
  2. Not sell pornography of any kind. This includes sports posters, etc.
  3. Keep volumes of any sound equipment at reasonable levels. No obscene or lewd lyrics.
  4. Have reasonable proof of ownership for merchandise offered for sale.
  1. Comply with laws of governing bodies covering taxes, licensing and resale permits.
  2. Not damage or deface the property.
  3. Not drive at excessive speeds within the facility.
  4. Not solicit money or signatures without permission from management.
  5. Not sublet any spaces. Pay for what you use.

Management reserves the right to prohibit the sale of items deemed illegal, immoral, or damaging to the reputation of Cherry Avenue Auction.