In the 1920’s, when the cattle industry was booming, Central Valley farmers needed a place to purchase and sell beef cattle, dairy cows, breed stock, horses, tack, hogs, poultry, and other farm animals. Cherry Avenue Auction was founded to meet their needs and specialty auctions were held to sell lumber, carpeting, furniture, and farm and industrial equipment.

Soon, vendors began to set up shop around the auction to sell locally grown produce and household items, creating an open air market. A café provided refreshment and a “watering hole atmosphere” where auction-goers could meet and visit about the day’s activities. Lush shade trees and grassy areas, kept vibrant with flood irrigation, also offered a comfortable respite from the Valley’s heat.

In 1953, Margaret and Bill Mitchell purchased the facility and retained ownership until 2001. Over the years, the cattle industry faded but the open air market began to grow.



Margaret and Bill’s grandsons, Neil and Mitch Burson, keep the Cherry Avenue Auction legacy alive. Though you won’t find any late night horse sales or cowboys branding steers, the same old-time, friendly atmosphere still exists.

We invite you to bring your family out for a day of fun, great shopping, terrific values, and a fair-like atmosphere!

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