It all began in the 1920s when the cattle industry dominated the Central Valley. Farmers, driven by the boom in agriculture, needed a dedicated space to buy and sell their livestock—a place that would soon become Cherry Avenue Auction. Here, transactions of beef cattle, dairy cows, breed stock, horses, hogs, poultry, and various farm animals unfolded, creating a bustling hub of agricultural commerce. However, the Cherry Avenue Auction was not limited to livestock alone. Recognizing the diverse needs of the community, specialty auctions emerged, featuring everything from lumber and carpeting to furniture and industrial equipment. The auction grounds became a melting pot of economic activity.

As time unfolded, a café opened to provide refreshments creating a “watering hole atmosphere” where auction-goers could gather and talk about the day’s activities. Lush shade trees and grassy areas, kept vibrant with flood irrigation, also offered a comfortable respite from the Valley’s heat.

In 1953, a new chapter began with Margaret and Bill Mitchell becoming the proud owners of the Cherry Avenue Auction. As the cattle industry faded into memory, a lively open-air market emerged with more vendors gathering around the auction grounds. Local produce, household items, and more found a place at the marketplace. The Mitchell’s stewardship continued until 2001, guiding the evolution of the auction space into what it is today.

Now, Cherry Avenue Auction is owned and operated by Margaret and Bill’s grandson’s, Mitch and Neil. It stands as a living testament to the Central Valley’s rich history and resilient spirit. As Fresno’s largest and longest standing outdoor market, we honor our roots by continuing to provide a space where the community comes together to celebrate its agricultural heritage, entrepreneurial vigor, and timeless bonds that bring us all together.